Stefan Omerovic

Serbia -

I am Full Stack Web Developer / MEAN Stack Web Developer with more than 6 years of experience. Highly communicative person who is able to work in teams and also as a solo player. Coding in clean code, fully responsive and in pixel perfect. Highly experienced in frameworks like Bootstrap and Angular.


Full Stack Web Development

As i have more than 6 years of experience, i got some nice knowledge regarding Front and Back Development. Working smoothly with framework like Bootstrap. Highly experienced in work with Javascript, Angular and Node.js.

Quality Assurance Testing

Can test quality of websites and apps. Highly experienced in Object-oriented programming, so developer with testing and debugging can be big plus for a team.

Web App Development

Have great knowledge on Angular and Node.js sides, so i can do full stack for application with ease. Also, working on Seller Chat Bot , chat bot for Amazon sellers that sells over messenger, so i have nice knowledge on AI side also.

Full Responsive

Each piece of my code is fully responsive. I'm using Bootstrap 3 and 4 and i also can work great with Media Queries, so raw HTML/CSS is not a problem for me. In those come also Flexbox and CSS Grid.

Quality Code

I think that code that is written in quality, is more than 80% of work. Every piece of code should be well nested and well commented, because as developer you will work on that code in future on adding new features to it or even refactoring it. Also code should be clean and readable for other developers as well.

Pixel Perfect

I have some nice knowledge also on PSD to HTML side. I can grab PSD, Sketch or even Mockflow and make it look so slick with my skills. As i am able to work with Photoshop or Figma.


Full Stack Web Developer

Upwork September 2017 - Present

As i have passion for Web Development and i keep myself focused on learning and developing i am trying to get some contracts also over Upwork. I find myself really well organized and able to work in team or as a solo player. Had more than 20 satisfied clients.

Front End Web Developer

Seller Bot January 2018 - Present

First time that i got into AI world, a lot to process and a lot to learn. First 2 months, i spent just converting designs, mockflows and ideas into clean coded and full responsive pages. Later on, i got my opportunity in full Front End Web Development with Angular. Now, i am working openly with team as Front End. Able to create new pages and features, fix bugs and UI / UX mistakes and work well with data from back side.

Full Stack Web Developer

Multiple Apps October 2017 - Present

So over the years, i was lucky to work on multiple great projects that require work like Angular and Node.js. I cannot share much of that work openly, as for most of the apps that i created i am bind with a Contract of Privacy. For some apps, i could share workflow of those, features and some parts of the code.


Main Skills

Here you can see all my main skills and also skills that I'm expert in.

Bootstrap 3 / Bootstrap 4
Angular 2+

Additional Skills

Here you can see all skills that i know as bonus, that could contribute to the projects in their own way.

Github / Git


Here you can see some of my own simple projects:


Navbar Styles

Navigation Inspiration

Project with different animations

Open Source that could help you


Comming Soon

Comming Soon

Project with simple countdown

Open Source that could help you


Fixed Project

Fixed Animation

Project with simple fixed position

Open Source that could help you

Here you can see some of my code snippets:


Simple Calculator


Simple Calculator Snippet

Done with HTML/CSS and Javascript


Bootstrap 3 Grid

Bootstrap 3 Grid

Example of Bootstrap 3 Grid System

Done with HTML/CSS/Bootstrap3 and Javascript


Bootstrap 4 Grid

Bootstrap 4 Grid

Example of Bootstrap 4 Grid System

Done with HTML/CSS/Bootstrap4 and Javascript


Apart from being a developer, i enjoy to take long walks and small weekend trips. Most of my trips i would go to other cities and countries. I would grab my phone and take some nice pictures so those places could stay in memory. I take my trips always with couple of my friends. Together we have fun, walks, launches, deep talks and mostly, we try to enjoy and refresh for new goals.

My big passion are also video games. So when i have some time free and i did not plan any big adventure, i would grab some single player video game and follow the story that it haves to offer.

As a self taught Web Developer, i had experiencedd learning from different tutors trough this couple years. Mostly i learned from Youtube and Udemy. That gave me motivation to create my own youtube channel and pass my skills to people that are interested in Web Development.


If you wish to contact me over some social media, here are links for it:

If you wish, you can contact me here directly.